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"Publishing Has Changed. Anything's Possible.

"You Can Make
MORE Money Writing

"Than You Can At Any Day Job...

"But Get On Board Now,

"The Ebook Train's Leaving The Station..."

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You can now write when and where you choose...
Ditch your frustrating day job, and put your writing talent to use;
Imagine writing for three hours a day, and having the rest of your day to yourself...
And making much more money than you're making right now;
Now is the time...
You can confidently make your writing dreams bigger, and know that you can achieve those dreams.
Tired of struggling? Here's some inspiration for you... An ebook called "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" made 21 million dollars in 2009. Last year, Amanda Hocking wrote several short ebooks, and made 2 million dollars. Mike Geary makes a million dollars a month from his Six Pack abs ebook. Publishing has changed. You're in charge, if you want to be.
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Hi Fellow Writer

How long have you dreamed of becoming a full-time writer?

I knew what I wanted to do early.

From the moment I learned to read, I knew that writing was what I wanted to do with my life. It didn't go down well in my family.

All these years later, I can smile at the family arguments that always started when some adult asked me: "What do you want to be when you grow up, little girl?"

My statement: "I'm going to be a writer!" triggered arguments which raged for hours. The family's general response was: "Why, oh WHY? You'll starve!"

Maybe you've had those arguments too. Writers know how those arguments go.

Thankfully, these days, there's no argument. You CAN make a shocking amount of money writing, if you write ebooks.

Now, for the first time ever, writers are in charge. You get to be the boss. :-)

You're the boss of your life, if you want to be

The world of publishing is in the midst of an immense change. There are no more gate-keepers. You can sell your writing directly to readers.

Readers want information, and entertainment, and they're prepared to pay for it.

Yes, you're in charge. You can make money from your writing, by writing and selling ebooks.

Amazon's Kindle launched the ebook bonanza

When you write ebooks, you can sell directly to readers -- either on the Web, or via ebook stores, such as the Amazon Kindle Ebook Store.

Indeed, the huge success of some writers on the Kindle Ebook Store has launched a self-publishing frenzy.

But... you need to know what you're doing.

I've been selling info products like ebooks for a decade. Over the years, I've developed a process -- a formula, if you like.

That formula ensures that before I write an ebook, I know that the ebook will sell.

If you're not selling as many ebooks as you'd like, or if you're an ebook newbie, you need the formula.

Previously I've shared the formula with my coaching students. Since ebook writing and selling is now so popular however, it's time I shared it with you too.

Here's what you've been waiting for...

Discover the formula with "Write AND Sell Your Ebooks With Angela's No-Fail Ebook Sales Formula"

Ebook Sales Formula
The formula means that:
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You will sell more ebooks:
Because you'll know exactly what readers want to BUY;
You'll make your ebooks unique:
You'll get out of the "me too" rut -- this ensures that you sell more;
You'll have a step by step process which STARTS with sales:
Most ebook writers try to sell something for which there may or may not be a demand -- this can be disastrous;
You will build a platform:
This ensures that you'll sell more copies of your ebooks with every ebook you write -- you can even set up an ebook publishing business;
You can quit your day job:
Get your whole family involved in your new business -- end your financial woes;
You'll never run out of ideas:
I show you how I get a never-ending stream of profitable ideas;
You'll be well on the way to financial independence:
Now's the time to get established in ebook publishing. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

What early readers have said

"It works. :-) Loved the Ebook Sales Formula method when Angela taught it in a class last year. Now I know I can create a real business. Looking forward to giving up my day job." Nerezza P. Italy
"Ebook sales were hit and miss. I've been using the Formula for two months. My older ebooks are now selling, and I have three new ones ready to launch. Best advice: start at the end, so that you know you'll make sales." Brady A. USA
"I write ebooks for clients. Angela suggested that since I was offering a full service -- writing and promotion I could charge more if I used the Formula. Got my first client, at double my usual rate, and an ongoing gig too. " Renee W. UK

Can you profitably write and sell ebooks?

The self-publishing frenzy says that you can. However, you need to know what you're doing, so that you're as sure as you can be that your new ebook will SELL before you start writing it.

It took me five years of writing and selling information products before I stumbled over the formula I've been using ever since.

Now I'm sharing the formula with you. Once you start the right way, ensuring that you have readers who are ready and eager to BUY before you start writing, it's easy to make sales.

Here's what you receive with "Write AND Sell Your Ebooks With Angela's No-Fail Ebook Sales Formula"

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Write AND Sell Your Ebooks With Angela's No-Fail Ebook Sales Formula
PDF, 40 pages

Your complete guide to both writing, and selling, ebooks, with my "no fail" formula.

You can use this process whether you’re writing nonfiction, or a novel. So if you want to write a novel and sell it on the Kindle platform, this process will work for you.

Moreover, the process works for any audience you're likely to encounter online.

Enjoy. :-)
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You're A Celebrity: Advertising And Branding Tricks For Writers
47 pages, PDF

The perfect companion to the Ebook Sales Formula. It helps you to build your brand, and your platform as an ebook publisher.

More info here.
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NEW -- Ebook Ecover Templates Package -- create your own ebook cover images
Includes 20 image templates, plus free fonts.

These cover images may be used in any way you wish. There are templates for fiction and nonfiction, as well as 20 free fonts.

Formats: Photoshop and The Gimp (free.) Use any image editor which can read PSD files, or use The Gimp to edit -- The Gimp is multi-platform, and free.

Now you can create ebooks FAST and your cover images FAST too.

Your bonuses

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Coaching, as always

I LOVE creating and selling ebooks, and I want you to love it to.

This package comes with 30 minutes of coaching, which you can use at any time.
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Microsoft Word Ebook templates

This is a package of 11 different templates that can be used when creating ebooks.

They have very attractive headers and footers.

Variations are provided for both MS Word and Open Office. You can of course modify the templates to your own needs.
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Free coaching included -- book your free coaching with Angela Booth
We wish you all success. As always, half an hour of free coaching is included. This is a $150 value.

Please remember to book your free coaching, you can take it at any time, either immediately, or whenever you're ready.

Coaching is via email. Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are always ready to help.

One point: email can be flaky at times, and we filter our email. To ensure that we don't miss your message, please add: Ebook Sales Formula to your subject line. And, if you don't receive a response within 12 hours, please send your message again...

Questions? Contact me.


Angela Booth