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"Kindle Publishing Is Hot.

"Now You Can Create Hundreds Of Income Streams, Fast...

"Make 2013 The Year You Quit Your Day Job!"

Are you ready? It's time...
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To create once, sell forever...
Create fast cash from stuff that's free for you to use;
To partner with the biggest name in ebooks, Amazon.
Let Amazon handles sales for you;
To discover the easily replicable business model that's generated billion dollar sales...
And which you can use;
To take charge of your life...
Create cash from your kitchen table, and quit your day job.
If you've been wondering whether there's money FOR YOU in the hottest new opportunity in publishing, Kindle ebooks, it's time to find out.
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From: Angela Booth

Hi Fellow Kindle Publisher

Although I've been creating and selling info products online for a decade, I've never been as excited as I am now.

We're witnessing a whole new era. Amazon's taking traditional publishing by the throat and is changing it forever. There's money to be made, and Amazon's happy to be YOUR partner.

Are you ready to take advantage of Amazon's floods of traffic, and floods of customers? I hope you're as excited as I am, about making floods of lovely CASH.

Want to generate cash from your kitchen table -- and quit your day job?

Others are making money from Kindle publishing. The lucky few are making millions. Some are making great money -- and that money increases each month.

Imagine generating cash from your kitchen table. You can let Amazon do all the heavy lifting. Amazon's got a proven publishing system, after all.

I've discovered that that proven publishing system is the solution to a big problem when you make money with info products.

What no one ever told you about info products

Here's the problem with ebooks and other info products: after the product launch, you're in for a lot of promotion if you want to keep making money.

That's why product creators love big launches. It's where the money is. After the launch, sales dwindle -- you must keep promoting. And you need to create new products.

But now there's a solution to the challenge of promoting your products.

The solution: let Amazon handle it

In 2013, I'll be converting my big backlist of dozens of products to Kindle ebooks. Amazon's the solution to endless promotion for me, and it could be for you too.

Consider this: the more products you have on Amazon's Kindle platform, the easier it is for Amazon to help you to sell them. You get your own author page on Amazon, and Amazon's happy to help you to sell your ebooks by promoting them, on others' product pages.

Just a couple of ways Amazon helps you to promote on others' product pages:

* Amazon's "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" promotion on every ebook page; and

* Amazon's "What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item" promotion, also on every ebook page.

There are many other ways in which Amazon helps you to promote and sell, and the more I study Amazon's publishing system, the more excited I become.

I'm sure you're thinking that this is all well and good, but what if you don't have anything to sell... yet?

Here's some great news. You can get started with Amazon's Kindle Publishing Program fast. And you can do it with material that's freely available, or that's created for you, for free.

Let me show you how...

NEW -- Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher: Turn Free Stuff Into Kindle Cash

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Four different ways you can turn free stuff into cash and multiple income streams;
Examples and boilerplate text for you: get started creating Kindle cash immediately;
Revealed at last:
A secret which lets you put public domain stuff work for you: miss this, and you're headed for disaster on the Amazon Kindle store;
A multi-million dollar way to get free stuff, which a major publisher has used successfully for many years. It's yours now;
The 50/50 secret method. Turn others' content into Kindle cash. You can help others to make money, and you'll make money too.

Newbie or pro: it's easy

I developed the methods in "Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher: Turn Free Stuff Into Kindle Cash" to help my students to create their own multiple income streams, in the easiest ways possible.

These methods are perfect for newbies: you don't even need a website.

If you're a pro, you can add these methods to your business plans going forward, just as I'm doing. Forget creating multiple websites, content marketing with hundreds of articles, and the competitive pressures of pushing others' products as an affiliate... Use the power of Amazon (and other online ebook stores like the Barnes & Noble Nook store.)

What you receive in Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher: Turn Free Stuff Into Kindle Cash

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"Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher: Turn Free Stuff Into Kindle Cash" is a no-fluff 57-page PDF. Solid information you can use immediately.

Whether you're a newbie or a pro, you'll discover FOUR methods of making money with Kindle publishing.

Here's the good news: the ebooks you create will keep selling for you for years to come.

Imagine: your income will increase month by month. The power of Amazon is behind you.

I've never been more excited than I am now about the future of publishing, because it's totally in YOUR hands.

It's completely up to you. If you want to quit your day job, you can. If you're already making money with ebooks and information products, it's time to take it to the next level.
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Two videos:
* Find free stuff to publish fast;
* Create cover images for your ebooks fast.

And a bonus...
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Kindle Gold Rush -- Auto Pilot Income For Writers

A complete package which enables you to take advantage of the Kindle Publishing opportunity. It enables you to create autopilot income...

You can write ebooks and sell them yourself, or you can write them for others.

Once you learn the process, you can even set yourself up as a Kindle publisher -- format others' writing into Kindle format, upload their work to Amazon, and get paid $100 an hour for doing it. (When you know how, you can do this in minutes...)

Learn more here...

Early readers said...

"I'm just getting started in info products, with my first ebook almost ready to sell. Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher opened my eyes to the possibilities. Thanks Angela, great insights, as always." Robert R. USA

"I'm a new SYWON member... not sure how to create a product of my own. Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher makes it easy." Pam A. Australia

"Yesterday I started exploring products I could create. I've already got a list of five. I'm going to add my own materials to my new products. Thanks Julia, for the practical help, and for sending me the early reader version of Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher!" Lin U. France

"... love the contributed content method! My partner and I spent the weekend brainstorming ideas and reading and rereading Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher. Angela, you're amazing. You're right. This is perfect for stay at home moms -- which is what I aspire to be." Cindy B. USA

It's time! Start your own Kindle publishing empire TODAY

In 2013 and beyond, I've decided to transition to Kindle/ ereader publication, focusing on that platform, rather than the Web in my info product creation and sales.

I've been creating and selling info products for a decade, so I've put considerable thought into the new marketplace/ platform.

For a while, I wondered whether it was a fad. Seeing major publishers focusing on Kindle/ ereader publication alongside print publication -- and the experiments these huge publishing houses are running in pricing and publication times -- convinced me it's the future... NOT A FAD.

Join me, today.
Thank you for your interest, this program is no longer available. Check out these writing guides....
IMPORTANT: Must-have software if you're on a Windows machine
If you're on a Windows machine, life is complicated, especially when you download videos.

If you're on Windows, I encourage you to download and install the following software. It's free software, and it will make your life easier.

* Download without pain
Download Accelerator Plus.

* Unzip -- free

* A free PDF reader

Foxit Reader.

* VLC media player: watch your videos in style
VLC free open source media player.
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Free coaching included -- book your free coaching with Angela Booth
We wish you all success, and to ensure that you have all the coaching you need, a half hour of free coaching is included. This is a $150 value.

Coaching is via email. Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are always ready to help.

One point: email can be flaky at times, and we filter our email. To ensure that we don't miss your message, please add: Kindle Publisher to your subject line. And, if you don't receive a response within 12 hours, please send your message again...

Questions? Contact me.


Angela Booth