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Write and Sell an eBook: Every Writer's Quick-Action Guide To Writing Ebooks
An easy-how to, which shows you exactly how to write and structure ebooks. This guide is suitable for writers both new, and established, to get started writing ebooks.

Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products
A single book isn't enough to make the income you deserve. When you follow the process I share in this guide, you'll write not just one, but several ebooks, and will start creating your own information product empire.

(Visit the pages above to read the full descriptions, then return to this page, to purchase both products in a package.)

You get MY product creation and sales secrets
I've been working on my own little empire for several years, and will continue to do so -- I've created writing guides, classes, courses and more. Without bragging, I make a nice income from what I do, and there's nothing stopping you from doing the same.

In this package, you get my secrets... it works for me, it will work for you.
I've combined Write and Sell an eBook: Every Writer's Quick-Action Guide To Writing Ebooks and Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products into a package because it gives you a complete solution.

Over the past few months, I've had many "how do I get started" requests on creating information products, and I've referred writers to these products, giving them a special deal on buying them together. That's been very popular, so I've created the package.

Enjoy. :-)

And of course, coaching is included.

Two complete guides, and coaching too

I offer coaching with most of my writing guides and classes, and this package offers free coaching too.

You receive 30 minutes of free coaching (a $150 value).

You can take your coaching via email or Skype, at any time, within one year of purchase. I encourage you to read both guides, and make a list of questions, and send them to me. Either Julia or I will get back to you within hours on a business day, and within 12 hours on the weekend.
You can get started just minutes from now.

Payment is via PayPal; use your credit card, it's completely secure.

The package contains PDF files, so you can download it instantly on payment. (Double-click the ZIP package, to reveal your PDF files.)

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Book your free coaching with Angela Booth
We wish you all success with your ebooks. Please book your free coaching, you can take it at any time, either immediately, or whenever you're ready.

Coaching is via email, IM, or Skype -- whichever is most convenient for you.

Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I will help you on the road to developing your own information product empire.


Angela Booth

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