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"Just 20 Minutes a Day to a Six-Figure Writing Income..."

Want to get paid for your writing tomorrow? You can. Here's how. Write ten Private Label Rights content articles, and sell them.

You can make a dollar a word. I've explained the maths of that many times.

Look at it this way:

10 articles at 400 words each = 4000 words

200 article packages sold at $20 each = $4000

Making money from your writing doesn't get any easier than that. Whether you're a new writer, or are an experienced pro, you can do it.

Simple, right?

It is, and it's fast.

Write and sell -- in just 20 minutes a day

Writing and selling PLR content is the easiest and most fun (if you love writing) way to make money as a writer.

Seriously, it is.

There's NO TRICK to it.

One of my writing students turned just 20 minutes a day into a highly lucrative and fun PLR home business.

Here's how she started: Sammy wrote an article a day.

She says: "I wrote the article sitting on the sofa, with the kids playing around me, and my darling husband playing video games. I committed to writing an article a day. In the beginning, it was my own personal challenge."

Here's what she did next.

She sold PLR memberships. Members of her PLR club receive five PLR articles a week, every week, on her selected topics. (Understandably, she asked me not to mention the topics; she doesn't want the competition.)

Sammy turned her article a day into a home business. She quit her day job, and her home "office" is her laptop, and her iPad. She's not only making much more money than she ever made at her day job, her husband's joined her.

Together, they're building a lifestyle which suits them, and their family.

It all started when Sammy committed to 20 minutes a day.

Have you got 20 minutes a day?

If you have, here's how to spend that 20 minutes.

You can do what Sammy did: write an article a day, and create your own lucrative PLR content business.

I'll show you exactly how it's done, in video format.

Introducing The "PLR Genius: Build a $100,000-a-Year Private Label Rights Business FAST" Video Course

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Here's why you should consider creating a PLR content business:
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PLR is in high demand, with lots of desperate buyers...
Once you know how to create a real business, you can make amazing money;
Beginning writers welcome...
PLR articles, ebooks sell like hotcakes. So YOU can make money writing PLR, no matter how much or how little experience you have;
Established writers -- cash in on the material in your archives...
Repurpose what's on your hard drive into PLR which earns you money today;
Start part-time, turn PLR content into a full-time income...
Or, turn your PLR business into additional income for you and your family;
Be your own boss...
Create multiple passive income streams, and have fun while you write what YOU want to write. And, get paid for what you write over and over again;
Some buyers will buy everything you produce...
Most PLR is WOEFUL. If you're a writer, you'll get many repeat customers, who'll buy from you over and over again;
PLR is a great business model...
Once your business is set up, you can scale it: keep it small, or turn it into a larger business, which you can sell at some point.

"PLR Genius" is a VIDEO course -- see it, DO IT

PLR Genius is a video course. The course helps you to set up your own PLR content business.

What early reviewers have said about this video course...

From my interactions with thousands of writers, I know that this material is best presented as video. And from my students who acted as testers and tested the material, the wonderful feedback assures me that I was right.

Here's some of that feedback...
"I'm 35 and working a job that's negative and stressful. I enjoy writing, and have sold a couple of articles. Angela sent me the videos of PLR Genius as they were produced. Since I was completely new to PLR, they were a revelation. I've watched them again and again, and I've started writing my first article pack. I sent Angela some questions, and Julia responded within minutes. Top notch service. I know I can do this!" Barry F. USA
"I'm an over-thinker, just like Angela says. I've tried selling PLR content a couple of years ago, but I got frustrated. PLR Genius showed me not only what I don't know -- the topics were a revelation -- but also what to do. Congratulations on quality material Angela -- I'm a SYWON member, and like others, I've said it's the best thing I've ever done for myself." Wayne B. UK
"I've been writing for a content factory. As Angela says, it's not writing. I was just making ends meet, but the stress kills. When Angela sent me the videos of PLR Genius to review I though I wasn't interested in writing PLR content -- was I ever wrong. I've already started my new business. Thanks Angela, for the revelations, and the inspiration." Liz C. Germany

Here's an outline of the video course: four weeks of video training, new videos each week

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Week 1: Inroduction
In our first week, we discuss, PLR rights, who sells PLR, and what topics sell best as PLR. You'll discover how to take on your competitors, and sell more PLR than they do, at a higher price.

You'll also get a solid grasp of the PLR industry, by reading through Instant PLR Author and PLR Profits Plan.
Week 2: Creating product, and getting customers
You know what PLR is. It's time to create it, and to focus on getting customers.
Week 3: Front end, and backend products
At the end of this week, you'll understand that there's more to sales than a simple sale. Making a profit selling PLR content requires a system. Once you know the system, you can replicate it over and over again, to create multiple passive income streams.
Week 4: Power content creation
Angela's own system, revealed. The more PLR you create, the more you can sell. Angela's strategies make this easy.

And there's more -- everything you need to know about PLR

PLR Genius gives you everything you need to know to be able to set up your own highly lucrative PLR business. You receive two of my bestselling PLR guides to ensure that you become a PLR pro.

Two of my bestselling PLR guides are included in your course, for free.

Here they are:
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Instant PLR Author: Make Money Writing Private Label Rights Products
PDF, 46 pages.
Make a dollar a word on the PLR you sell; create PLR step by step.

This product sells for $47, it's yours free...
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PLR Profits Plan: 7 Days to Profits with Private Label Rights Content
PDF, 36 pages.
Want to make money fast? Create your own PLR products, and sell them, within a week.

This product sells for $47, it's included in your package for free...
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BONUS: Coaching, as always
As always, you receive coaching with this product.

A full half hour, which is a $150 value, completely free.

Coaching is via email, and it's far from dull. I often include short videos and MP3s in the coaching -- this CUSTOMIZES the course exactly to your needs.

In everything I create for writers, my aim is your SUCCESS. I want you to make me proud -- and you will. :-)

How much would you expect to pay?

You receive four weeks of video instruction, two of my bestselling products, personal coaching, and customer service which is second to none -- and I can say that without fear of contradiction.

Follow the guidance, and you can set up your own six-figure PLR business. How much is that worth to you?

I could charge $500, and this course would be a bargain.

In these straitened times, I want you to have this material if you need it. Therefore, the course is $147 -- enjoy it in good health. And make me proud. :-)

Thank you for your interest, this program is no longer available. Check out these writing guides....
IMPORTANT: Must-have software if you're on a Windows machine
If you're on a Windows machine, life is complicated, especially when you download videos.

If you're on Windows, I encourage you to download and install the following software. It's free software, and it will make your life easier.

* Download without pain
Download Accelerator Plus.

* Unzip -- free

* A free PDF reader

Foxit Reader.

* VLC media player: watch your videos in style
VLC free open source media player.
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Book your free coaching with Angela Booth
We wish you all success. Please remember to book your free coaching, you can take it at any time, either immediately, or whenever you're ready.

Coaching is via email. Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are always ready to help.

One point: email can be flaky at times, and we filter our email. To ensure that we don't miss your message, please add: PLR GENIUS COACHING to your subject line. And, if you don't receive a response within 12 hours, please send your message again...


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.